Turgot Advisors

Turgot Advisors supports companies, in particular investments of Turgot Ventures Inc. in all aspects of corporate development.   The Turgot Advisors Inc. Was founded in 2009 as a 100% subsidiary of Turgot Ventures Inc. in Zurich.

Developing innovative business models

Turgot Advisors supports businesses in developing new business models.  We

  • identify, optimize and evaluate business models
  • design business specific development strategies (controlled phases of development)
  • create and build great growth companies
  • recruit winning teams
  • focus organisations around vision, mission and strategy
  • support funding and corporate transactions
  • manage investments, lead or participate in boards
  • mentoring of senior management


Building  Venture Portfolios 

Turgot Advisors helps companies in developing strategy related venture portfolios – including building and operating incubators or accelerators for clients. We

  • design client related specific investment strategy
  • develop a strong lead flow
  • evaluate, select and carry out initial investments
  • mentor and coach management
  • lead or participate in boards
  • manage the overall portfolio
  • carry out all necessary transactions


Advisory Services

Turgot Advisors supports Turgot investments and other companies on issues of  strategic direction in building their own business by

  • tailoring and improving business models and strategy
  • securing organizational fitness in terms of values and culture
  • increasing operational effectiveness
  • supporting related financial transactions

Turgot Advisors supports the whole process (diagnostics, designing solutions, execution).


Project examples 

  • Leading boards , participate in boards in portfolio companies and other businesses
  • Advisory & mentoring for business champions in portfolio companies and other businesses
  • Management of venture portfolio companies
  • Developing and running incubation operations for a customer
  • Carrying out related financial transactions
  • Supporting portfolio companies in developing sales processes, client acquisition (B2B) and forging alliances
  • Development of several innovative service models in the health care delivery sector
  • Building, operate, transfer of a new business  model for a global health care company
  • Market entry strategy for an international service company in the German speaking digital media market
  • Management of time of a mid sized growth company