Focus on …

… substantial value recoverability

Turgot Ventures consequently focuses on the sustainable value recoverability of its involvements. All our investments have a long-term character. Precondition is that all our engagements are fully in line with our values and those of our partners, therefore we do not invest in e.g. games or contact portals.

Innovative services offer an attractive risk/profit ratio, because the period from idea to market entry is often short and capital intensity fairly low. We concentrate on growth markets, who grow in Central Europe, our regional focus, at least twice as fast as the national income.

… the sectors health care, mobility and digital media

In these sectors the partners of Turgot Ventures have a well-grounded industry knowledge for many years. Partnerships and a wide network help to reduce market entry risks.

… the formation phase of businesses (seed- and early growth)

Anne Turgot as one of the inventors of the growth theory has shown that especially in the early stages the marginal utility of invested funds reaches its top level.