Turgot Investors

Turgot Ventures offers professional financial investors, strategic partners and founders attractive chances for appreciation value.

Professional financial investors

Turgot Ventures is open for partners as institutional investors, particularly pension funds and private equity funds, as well as financially strong private investors. Turgot Ventures offers them a chance to systematically complement their portfolio with investments in early growth stages.

The specific structure of these investments requires a minimum commitment of at least CHF 500,000 and a middle to long-term investment horizon. The expected yields lie in a typical range for seed- and early-growth investments and imply the characteristical risks for this kind of segment. Turgot Ventures aims on keeping the participation of investors in a low single digit percentage of their own invested funds.

Strategic partners

Turgot Ventures develops strategic business models for new ventures with strategic partners, who contribute as co-investors to the success of the company. The pooling of the dynamics and innovation of young companies together with the knowledge of strategic partners leads to a significantly higher appreciation value with at the same time reduced business risks. The management of strategic partnerships is a specific competence of Turgot Ventures.


Turgot Ventures develops all new businesses together with dedicated founders and entrepreneurs, who have also invested in their businesses themselves. Together both sides design successful strategic concepts and leverage them through networks, industrial experience and access to strategic partners and investors.