Corporate philosophy

It is our intention to create long-term and sustainable corporate values. To achieve this goal a strong cashflow and sustainable growth potential are essential.

With substance and benefit

We focus on businesses, which contribute substantially to a market, which benefit to society and nature and which therefore have a enduring right to exist.

Entrepreneurship as target and mission statement

As entrepreneurs with ambition and responsibility, we seize arising chances and are prepared to explicitly take over risks. Effort, commitment and readiness to take risks as well as volition, stamina and solidarity even in challenging stages justify a participation in success.

Economics of Trust

Effective partnerships are key to our success. Partnerships are based on trust. Trust eases communication, allows fast decisions and flexible reactions. Transparency, reliability, stand up for own responsibilities and a fair consideration of the interests of all stakeholder are basis to trust.

Individuality and diversity

Progress arises from new solutions. Freedom to create, the will to realize own ideas and appreciation of diversity and learning from one another are necessary requirements for reaching this goal.

Respect and integrity

Respect, transparency and integrity in interpersonnel intercourse with each other are core values. We look for partners and colleagues with personal profile and character, who exponentiate such an environment and use it for their own success.

Enjoy what we do